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  * Engaging and supporting teachers   * Engaging and supporting teachers
  * Depth over breath   * Depth over breath
 +===== Day 5:Next Steps =====
 +On the last day of the workshop participants were asked to create a plan for implementing OLPC in their respective countries.
 +  * **Thailand:**Find a central coordinator, who will create relationships, policies, set up workshops and do follow-ups. There will be a central agency with four independent departments. The agency will: create a plan with local NGOs, provide technical support, provide for a network of learning and sharing. OLPC should provide monetary and technical support. The most important thing to make OLPC successful in Thailand will be government attention and support. To get the support this agency will show the advantage of OLPC for Thai students and the future of learning in Thailand.
 +  * **Malaysia:**The first step is for the Malaysian team to become more acquainted with the XO machine. The team notes that this workshop was very useful. The main issues as they see it, are teacher development and content. The next step is to do a teacher training. OLPC support for this training would be very beneficial. Digital materials would also be useful when approaching governmental officials.
 +  * **Mongolia:**Notes that there were many local problems when implementing the XO deployment. Through all citizens having access to technology it will create a equality. Suggests compiling e-materials and resources. This will help define what to teach using the XO and defining a teaching objective. It is important that this be clear. So, every teacher should be provided with materials. Children and policy makers should also know what kind of resources are available with the XO. Another issue is educational standards. In Mongolia, some courses are not introduced until the 5th grade, but the XOs are going to primary school students; so now students have the opportunity to have access to this knowledge much earlier. In addition to e-learning materials, teachers, as part of their training, should receive a guidebook. Support from OLPC is also very important. There needs to be more detailed information provided to participating countries.
 +  * **Bangladesh:**Thinking of working with twenty different schools in twenty different districts. Possibility of local NGOs, etc. providing support. 6,200 XO machines. First is to form a core team of managers, technical experts and policy makers/consultants. Their support is important. Given that the XO uses Linux, most likely open-source volunteers can be recruited from both universities and local private schools. Will explore the possibility of using Windows on the XO machine. Localization will be essential; the interface will help with this. In Bangladesh, not all students can speak English, so it will be important to provide Bangladeshi scripts. This might be a manufacturing challenge because the language is very complex. Hopes to make use of some material for older grades. In the beginning the OLPC deployment will only be for schools with a strong infrastructure. Some extensive work might be needed here--it will possibly increase the costs significantly. Connectivity limitations will need to be discussed with OLPC. It will also needed to be decided if servers will be needed. Possible use of national servers. Teachers will need to be equipped with different pedagogy. There will also need to be different types of assessment. Will need to confirm funds from the governments and other businesses/organizations. OLPC can greatly help with technical support, as well as providing Bangladeshi keyboards, localization, and content.
===== Images from the workshop ===== ===== Images from the workshop =====
Please find some images from OLPC Learning Workshop from: Please find some images from OLPC Learning Workshop from:
http://picasaweb.google.co.th/khunpisuth/OLPCAsiaWorkshop http://picasaweb.google.co.th/khunpisuth/OLPCAsiaWorkshop
 +===== บทสรุปจาก ดร.สุชิน เพ็ชรรักษ์ =====
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