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STKS has adopted a policy from the President of NSTDA, Dr. Thaweesak Koanantakool, to establish a draft of the NSTDA's publication policy in order to use for uni-directionally and originally standardizing the publications, and to support the NSTDA's KM activities. That is because all the KM publications are born-digital so that they can be conveniently and easily created, used, collected, accessed, and disseminated; therefore, it would reduce the NSTDA community members' workloads. Consequently, STKS builds a regulation called quality-digital-material development, which stems from the publication policy. Deploying the regulation can help and support all various formats of  NSTDA's digital assets to be automatically and appropriately  collected and used, and to decrease redundant time of works. A printed version has been disseminated to all NSTDA's offices, Thailand Science Park and Yothee, as well as in internal NSTDA seminars, while a digital one is available on the STKS's website. Besides the internal campaign, STKS encourages all partners and alliances to deploy the regulation as well. In the fiscal year 2010, it was widely accepted and could raise awareness about standardizing a digital material at very first step. 

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